Here you will see all the informations about the dissemination of our training

1. There is a group page in facebook where you can apply to see always all the news anout this training and about new trainings with tha same theme. Facebook group page is: www.facebook.com/groups/881267778595628/

2. Our webpage has all the material about the project a lot of projects and also you can find informations for new trainings that will take place: www.nofee.webnode.com

3. From Association Andrei in Romanian language we had the following annoucements: A part of the dissemination activitis carried out after completing th course from Cyprus: annoucemnet on the forum dedicated to those interested in European project in the country of Dolj miedolj.forums-free.com/non-formal-environmental-education-t284.html) and an article on Andrei Association website (asociatiaandrei.weebly.com/activities.html)


4. Cyprus Electronically newspaper about education: www.paideia-news.com/index.php?id=109&hid=17992#jf194874d2