Romania, Asociatia Andrei

The Andrei Association was established on 2009.
The main purpose of the organization is finding and giving opportunities for young romanian people to experience European mobility, through TC,  the promotion of job offers, scholarships, internships, volunteering and intercultural exchanges, support biodiversity conservation and ecological environment.

We have been working with the Lifelong Learning Programme for the last 5 years, by sending our members and collaborators abroad, or organizing projects thanks to the skills we gained.

Andrei Association promotes (through activities implemented) intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, equal opportunities, recycling and environmental protection, a healthy lifestyle, volunteering, the exchange of information, use of Europass tools, human rights, rural issues, entrepreneurship, social and economical development, cultural and educational progress, democratic and participative initiatives and others.
In all activities implicated Andrei Association promotes and uses Europass tools: Youthpass, CV Europass, Mobility Pass, language Passport.
The goal our association is  to give youth new skills and capacities to enter self- confidently and well prepared in the European labour market.

Since 2012, Andrei Association,  is coordinator of volunteer activities in partnership with several educational institutions from Dolj County, during National Volunteer Week, events organized on nationwide. On this occasion was held a lot of activities: exhibitions, concerts, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, donations, recycling, greening spaces,  sports competitions, etc.. Beneficiaries of these activities were elders from the "Home for the Elderly" in Craiova, preschoolers and school children and local community institutions involved.  
The purpose of these activities was to popularize volunteering among youth and civil society.

Another projects that it carries Andrei Association in partnership with kindergartens, schools, colleges and other NGOs in the county, are those where the young participants from educational institution learned about the importance of environmental protection and active participation in its protection.  Thus, over the years they have participated in greening green spaces near educational institutions, information campaigns on selective collecting, thus promoting through local community, mass media, local authorities and other NGOs, an active attitude towards the environment.

Another activity consists in trips to the mountains (one per year) with members of the association. The purpose of these activities is the practice of mountain sports (hiking, climbing, orienteering after map, etc) to ensure balanced mental development, to discover the beauty of the environment, particularly unpolluted places.

Association through information activities and involvement supports and promotes a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the environment.